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Why Website Design is Important

I get asked a lot why good web design is important in a marketplace full of templates and DIY services so I thought I would make my case below.

Brand Recognition (trust and value)

Your website is usually the first impression of your brand on a potential client. If you have broken links, error messages, spacing issues or just overall bad design, your site will act as a deterrent and work against you rather than for you. Personally, I have chosen to buy from brands in the past that have well designed products. There is a level of trust and value put on good design.


You want to invest time and effort into your online presence because you know your competitors are. If your competition has an awesome website and you don’t, it could make the difference in getting or losing the business. Would you trust a company with a twenty year old website? Also, what do you think that says about the company?

Navigation and Usability

You need to think of your website as an interactive billboard. You want customers to engage with your content and find out more about your services or products. If it’s hard to navigate your website to find what the client is looking for, you mostly likely will lose their attention and their business (read about the three click rule).


While their will always be cheaper options and DIY services available, it’s always a good idea to invest in good web design. You should be able to find a local web designer at an affordable rate in your area by searching online. If you are looking for web design services and interested in working with us, LET’S TALK

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