Website Maintenance

Think of your business site as a welcoming home, where customers stop through to say hello, spend some time, and get to know you better. As time passes, even the strongest and most beautiful house will show some wear and tear.

The same is true with your website. Just as deferred maintenance on your home can result in costly repairs, deferred maintenance on your business website can create unnecessary strain, resulting in possible commerce disruptions or unprofessional glitches over time.

Rather than wait for problems to surface, Waltman Design recommends that you invest in a plan for ongoing maintenance. We would love to support your business by taking care of basic maintenance responsibilities so that your company processes take place seamlessly. Different companies have different maintenance needs, so we would never suggest a generic package for our clients.

Instead, we prefer to work directly with your company to build a sensible, practical maintenance package that directly addresses your business needs. This helps keep costs low, and your online business well-maintained. We’re also happy to coordinate with your in-house tech team to create a customized contract and avoid replicating services. We have a stellar track record with our maintenance clients, and enthusiastically welcome your business.

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