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Speed Up Your WordPress Website

May 22, 2018

WordPress is a great CMS system and used to power more than 74.6 million websites worldwide, according to However, overtime your WordPress website can slow down if not properly maintained or configured. Below are a few tips I have learned over the years to help keep my WordPress websites healthy and running fast.

PageSpeed Insights by Google

Before you launch any new website you should always check the page speed by using PageSpeed Insights by Google. PageSpeed Insights will give you real-time reports of a page on mobile/desktop devices and provide you with suggestions on how to improve the overall performance of your website.

WordPress and Plugin Updates

Keeping your WordPress and plugins current is one of the most important things you can do on your website. Running an old version of WordPress and or plugins will not only put your website at risk of an attack but will also slow down your site. I recommend updating WordPress and all plugins on a monthly if not quarterly basis. Remember to backup your website before updating, better safe than sorry.

Deactivate and Deleting

If you have a bunch of plugins or themes you are no longer using, I recommend deactivating and deleting them. Imagine if you had a bunch of old items in your backpack that you never cleaned out. Overtime those items would take up space and increase the weight of your backpack. The same can be said for your WordPress website. Unused plugins can slow down your site and take up additional resources on your server.


Choosing the right host for your website can drastically increase the performance of your site. There are many options out there from shared to dedicated servers. Shared servers can be a good option if you are on a budget or just starting out with a simple website. However, shared servers have their limitations and your site will be sharing resources on that server with other websites. This can slow down your website overtime if that hosting company decides to oversell that server. If you trust your the person who built your website, my recommendation is to host your site on a dedicated server with that person or company. This way your server will be maintained and you will only splitting resources with other sites that company manages.


There are many factors that can impact your website performance but if you are aware of these factors you can reduce or prevent your exposure. If you have a WordPress website it’s worth staying up to date by reading up on new features and industry changes.

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